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How to qualify for 30 minute lessons? PDF Print E-mail

Following a successful audition pupils may be offered an individual thirty-minute lesson at the John Savage Centre. Pupils are given a place in a Music School group and a high level of commitment is expected.

The availability of such lessons is restricted. Progress and attendance are carefully monitored.

Monitoring and Assessment of 30 minute lessons

  • Performance
    Pupils who receive these lessons are required to present a solo performance once a year at a concert organised by their teachers.

  • Practice Books
    Pupils are given a practice book free of charge. Homework set by the teacher is recorded in practice books and pupils are expected to practise daily. There will be a small charge to cover the cost of lost or misplaced practice books.

  • Targets
    At the beginning of each term the teacher and pupil decide the aims and objectives for the following months. These targets are then recorded in the Practice Record Book as well as the teacher’s record.

  • Parents Evenings
    Parents of pupils receiving 30-minute individual lessons at the Music School have the opportunity to meet their child’s instrumental or vocal teacher at parents evenings held during the spring term. Appointments take place at the John Savage Centre and times are arranged between the teacher and the pupil.

  • Reports
    Annual reports are provided for each pupil during the summer term.

  • Examinations
    The teacher monitors progress and pupils may from time-to-time be entered for Associated Board or Guildhall examinations. Entry for examinations is subject to good progress being maintained as well as a high level of attendance.