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Redbridge Music School presents approximately 50 annual concerts. These range from pupil concerts at the John Savage Centre to major concerts and festivals at the Town Hall, and the biennial Redbridge Schools Choral Festival at the Royal Albert Hall.

There are three main groups of activities.

1. Open Access Music Groups

These activities are available to pupils on a first come first served basis and there is no prerequisite to read music.

  • Mini Musicians
  • Music Kindergarten
  • Young Music Makers
  • More Music Makers
  • Recorder Club
  • World Music Club
  • Singing Club

2. Redbridge Music School Clubs

  • Guitar Club
  • Oboe Club
  • Clarinet Club
  • Flute Club
  • String Club
  • Maxi Strings
  • Midi Strings
  • Mini Strings
  • Stringles
  • Brass Club
  • Brass Monkeys
  • Folk Music Club, ‘Fiddles & Co.’

3. Redbridge Music School Ensembles and Choirs
A range of ensembles and choirs offering a progression through different levels of ability. Access and progression through the ensembles is determined by annual auditions.

  • Junior String Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra & Symphony Orchestra
  • Junior Wind Band, Intermediate Wind Band & Symphonic Band
  • Intermediate Choir & Youth Choir
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Brass Band
  • Jazz Orchestra
  • Recorder Ensemble

How to join/applying for membership
Young people under the age of 19 are eligible to join Redbridge Music School activities.

Music for Younger People and World Music Clubs
These activities are available to pupils on a first come first served basis and there is no need to be able to read music before you start. Contact the John Savage Centre to find out about the current availability of spaces.

Redbridge Music School Clubs
A young player who has lessons at school may enrol for membership of a club without audition. The clubs give pupils ensemble and performance experience and a means of sampling what Music School has to offer. Club membership is normally for a maximum of two years after which pupils are required to audition for Music School.
The following are required:

  • the recommendation of the Music Service instrumental teacher
  • the permission of the day-school head teacher.

Redbridge Music School Ensembles and Choirs
Membership of Redbridge Music School depends on selection by competitive audition to play in an ensemble. Pupils are generally expected to have reached a minimum level equivilant to that of Associated Board Grade 3 (London Borough of Redbridge Stage II exam)

  • Auditions are arranged in May each year for entry in the following September.
  • Pupils who audition will usually be asked to prepare a set piece, scales and to perform a piece of their own choice. There may also be some aural tests and general musical questions.
  • A limited number of 30 minute individual lessons are allocated as a result of these auditions.

Pupils who are admitted to the Music School remain in membership until they leave school subject to good conduct, progress and attendance. Pupils are required to re-audition each year.


Fee Remission
Redbridge Music School tuition fees, annual subscriptions and instrument hire fees will be remitted for those whose parents are in receipt of Income Support, Income based Job Seeker's Allowance, Working Tax Credit, Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, or where annual family income does not exceed a specified amount (this figure is the same as free school meals entitlement).Those eligible are also entitled to have their Associated Board or Trinity Guildhall examination fees waived. Music School pupils studying AS or A level music attending a London Borough of Redbridge maintained school are entitled to a free 30-minute individual weekly lesson subject to written application to the Music Service Director. Claims for this entitlement cannot be made retrospectively. Pupils facing financial hardship can apply to 'The Friends' for financial assistance. Applications can be made in confidence via the Music Service Director.