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Music in Children's Centres

Redbridge Sound Foundations Early Years Music Sessions are taking place in a number of Children’s Centres in Redbridge.

These specially written programmes (one for babies and one for toddlers) include: songs; rhymes; poems; gross and fine motor movement activities; dancing; rocking; bouncing; playing appropriate instruments; and focused listening. In the toddlers class children also learn to select and tidy up their own instruments, how to take turns and share, as well as how to listen in a focused manner and repeat rhythmic and melodic patterns.

Parents learn musical activities which they can use at home. We encourage parents to repeat the activities learnt in class, at home, in order to maximize the benefit to their child’s development. Each family receives a CD and booklet to support this.


Click here to contact your local Children’s Centre for more information or look on Families information direct and Search for “Sound Foundations.”

Our EYs project features as a case study on the Soundconnections website, click here to download the document (45mb pdf).




What the parent’s are saying:

  • “We have really enjoyed this class and it has made me more aware about my child’s development.”

  • “My child is so alert during music activities, he smiles and moves a lot”

  • “My child is more confident now and is really good at tidying up her toys at home with the tidy-up song!”

  • “He is speaking much more and joining in with the words of the songs”

  • “He has gone from being shy and scared of new people to becoming very social thanks to this group”

  • “they sing the songs at home and copy the class with their dolls!”

  • “I have noticed my child responding more to music, and I have found that music and singing calms her down.”

  • “This class is so much fun! Can we do it again next term please?”