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From Cllr Joyce Ryan

“Many congratulations to all involved in the concert this evening. So much hard work and preparation goes into working towards the final production. The standard, as always, was excellent. A really interesting and innovative programme. A good move to have collaboration with both Services [Music Service and Drama Centre]. Hopefully that collaboration will grow in the coming months.

It was a pleasure to be there and just wonderful for all our students fortunate to perform in such a world famous iconic venue. Please pass on my best wishes, thanks and congratulations to the staff involved. A memorable occasion.”

From Rebecca Kantor – Beal High School

“I would just like to say a huge thank you for another opportunity for our school to take part in the Choral Festival yesterday. Our students loved every minute of the concert, the prestigious occasion and experience, and will remember it for years to come. It is always an event which never fails to amaze me. The Symphony Orchestra sounded absolutely stunning yesterday; so professional as always. The exceptionally high standard is something I miss hugely as an ex RMS colleague. I am very proud of the staff who were able to showcase their musical talents through their compositions and performing; many of whom I consider dear friends.

I loved the visual clips between each item and the concert was super slick. The timings were fantastic too as it meant it wasn't too long and the students were back at a fairly reasonable time. I thought the involvement of the Redbridge Drama Centre was also fantastic and poignant. At a time when Creative Arts is on a decline and in direct threat due to financial constraints, this was a great opportunity to showcase the importance of the Arts. “

From Tess  - Assistant Headteacher, Cleveland Road Primary

“This is just a little note to say a HUGE thank you to everyone in the Music Service for all the hard word, energy and planning that went into last night’s spectacular performance. This is the third time I have taken part in the RAH concert, having taught in different boroughs previously, and I can honestly say that this one has been the best yet.

The level of dedication needed to put on a concert of this magnitude has been extraordinary and I am overwhelmed by the talent of the whole team – that there were so many original compositions with such wonderful orchestrations… Chris, Jane, John and Elizabeth (goodness, that girl has an amazing future ahead of her)… I lost track of how many times I got choked up trying to sing yesterday…

I have been telling my choir how lucky they are to have had this incredible opportunity and I know how much they appreciate all you have done, too. So many times yesterday I heard them say things like, “I can’t believe I’m here.” This particular, from one young man who has had a lot of difficulties with behaviour and who, when he sings, literally transforms.

What you have achieved with this performance isn’t just a great show…it is life-changing. So thank you, thank you.

I hope this note makes sense – I’m pretty tired this morning!

Anyway, a massive thanks to you all from everyone here at Cleveland. I hope you all know how much you are appreciated.

Very best to everyone and kindest regards.”